Mexico's NOM-003 and related standards to change


 The Mexican National Regulation NOM-003-SCFI-2014, that applies to most electrical goods, and that is required to be certified to place any product in the Mexican market , is to suffer changes, AGAIN. According to regulatory officials in that country, the regulation is due for enforcement of two clauses related to NMX-J-521 standard (the testing standard that is the Mexican adoption of the international IEC 60335). Such clauses are EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and Software Evaluation, and are identical to those contained in said IEC.

What's relevant of this change is that the Mexicans are struggling with the construction of testing infrastructure to be able to meet the deadline of May 26th, 2017, because, if the time comes and the "new" clauses are enforced without having accredited laboratories enough to meet the demand, there will be large lines of products waiting to be tested, ergo, certified and huge waiting times for importing products, of course, those that fall under the scope of such clauses.

What makes the situation even more interesting is the fact that in orfer to meet these requirements, new to the Mexicans, manufacturers must provide software coding and other stuff that, most likely will be hard, if not impossible to acquire by importers testing their products in that country. Let's see what México does to this new challenge, now that their economy is in desperate need for reduction of burdens to make it more attractive and not the opposite.

With information from the Mexican General Bureau of Standards (DGN) - Avlix International

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